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Thoughts of A Black Introvert

Celebrating World Kindness Day, As An Introvert
We're celebrating World Kindness Day on Nov 13th, so you know I have to give some tips to my introverted family. I know I know, we try to avoid people as much as possible. 

Growth Can Be Uncomfortable
There are some times when growth is uncomfortable, messy and even scary; but in the end can be a beautiful thing. I remember there was a time in my life where I thought I wouldn't survive it. I was dealing with so much trauma that I couldn't see a way out of it all.

You Are What You Think
I can admit, I'm not the most positive person to roam the earth. When a wave of self-doubt creeps into my mind, it's a wrap for me. I immediately think of every worse case scenario. I then begin to worry about the scenario I concocted in my mind. 

The Introvert Space: Why Introverts Need Their Downtime To Function
If I'm out and about, I'm rarely socializing for too long. I'm either wondering how soon can I leave without making my friends upset. Can I make it home to watch Golden Girls or I'm getting annoyed with pretending like I care enough to be there...