We're celebrating World Kindness Day on Nov 13th, so you know I have to give some tips to my introverted family. I know I know, we try to avoid people as much as possible. I get it, but today is a day we think of others and not just uncomfortable we may be feeling. So I came up with a 5 small, introvert friendly ideas for you to be kind to someone else while trying to be ok with the process. 


  1. Reach Out To Someone Who Needs It: *Disclaimer* You don't have to call anyone. I repeat you do not have to call anyone. Now, if you want to you can but you don't have to do so. You know how much it means to you to have someone randomly check up on you, just to see how you're doing?  Well, check up on a few folks today. Go through your contacts and send a simple text or a funny meme. If you have a friend that has been struggling, contact them to be a listening ear. We are living in very rough times, and that simple act of kindness may mean so much to someone special. 
  1. Pay It Forward: I just love the idea of paying it forward. The act of just surprising a complete stranger with something they never expected. I remember once while at the grocery store a young lady was in front of me buying a few things. It seems like she didn't have enough for all of her items, so she asked the clerk to remove items. I told the cashier, I'll pay for her items and asked if she mind if I did so. She was reluctant (maybe embarrassed) but she said yes and thanked me for doing so. Once I checked out and got outside she was standing there and asked if she can give me a hug. It seems like she needed it more than I did. She thanked me so much, letting me know she's been struggling lately and appreciated what I did for her. I loved that I can help in anyway, even if it wasn't the biggest gesture. So treat someone today. If it's paying for someone's coffee or paying for the car behind of you at the drive-thru. That act that inspire them to do it for someone else. 
  1. Small Talk Goes A Long Way: As an introvert I hate small talk. Why? Well I don't really know how to do it without feeling uncomfortable. I don't do strangers, but I think it's a cute way to be kind today. Just randomly chatting with someone in a line or in an elevator can make someone's day. Don't know how to start it off; compliment them on something. Now they can just say thank you with a mean mug and turn their back on you, or they will continue trying to engage with small conversation. It's ok, it's a short convo. 
  1. Stay Out of The Shaderoom Comment Section: We all know the comment section of The Shaderoom and other online blogs can be the den of negativity. No matter how positive the story, there are folks giving their unsolicited, negative opinions. Let's not fall into the trap of shade today. Seek out your favorite, positive social media pages and leave a positive comment or a happy emoji. It's sure to make anyone smile. 
  1. Be Kind To Yourself: World Kindness Day is usually doing something kind for others, but I also want you to do something kind for yourself. Take yourself out to lunch, or buy those Tahylor Made tees you've been eyeing. Do something for you, that you've been putting off because it didn't seem like the right time. Give yourself grace. You can't be kind to everyone else, if you constantly beat yourself up each day. 


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