Let me be honest before we start this blog off right... I am an introvert and I require my downtime (often).

If I'm out and about, I'm rarely socializing for too long. I'm either wondering how soon can I leave without making my friends upset. Can I make it home to watch Golden Girls or I'm getting annoyed with pretending like I care enough to be there. I just wanna go home and enjoy peace and quiet. My social battery is almost always on E. It has gotten so bad, friends stopped inviting me to hang out because they know I have maybe 30 mins of hype in me before I crash and start checking the time. 

It's so hard to explain to someone how important space is for an introvert. Some just don't understand that as introvert you don't feel like yourself in loud crowded spaces. I often feel drained mentally and physically because I always have to appear that I'm having a good time. 

If you're not an introvert and still don't understand why introverts need and protect their safe spaces, I have a few reasons why: 

1. It Gives Us The Ability To Recharge: I think this is the most important thing when it comes to the introvert struggle. It's often very hard being around different people and different busy environments without feeling mentally and physically drained.  Have you ever been out with an introvert and notice the shift in their demeanor? They go to the bathroom one too many times or they are having fun but then get a little quiet after a period of time? We lose energy and sometimes we have to go into a quiet area to pull ourselves together and recharge.

2. It Helps With Our Productivity: If I'm drained, I cannot be productive. I always envied my friends who can party all weekend and go into work on Monday being their talkative selves. Chile, I can't do that at all. I can go out but Sunday I need time to recharge, but it's still hard for me to do so because I stressed all Sunday thinking about work on Monday. 

3. It Allows Us To Survive Extrovert Events:  Ok, I can admit there are times I want to go out and cut up with my friends. So, when I do decide to attend I have to psych myself up for the entire day because I'm good for backing out at the last minute. So if I decide not to send the "I ain't going" text I need time to relax before I go out. Back in the day when I would hit the clubs on the weekends, I had my routine. I would make a cup of hot tea before I started getting ready. I would sit and listen to neo-soul and sing along. I would give myself a pep talk in the mirror forcing myself to have fun, but give myself grace to leave when I know I'm ready to go. I always tried yall. 

Give the introverts in your life the grace to have their downtime. It's not that we're no longer fun to be around; we just need a moment to recharge our fuel because it's very taxing mentally and physically. 


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