**trigger warning***

Have you ever sat back and really analyzed how far you've come from where you've been? The time when you thought something was impossible to handle, but you did it and now it feels like you did it with ease? The things that you had to experience to get you to this moment in your life, seemed like the hardest shit in the world but it brought you to the person you've become? That's what we call GROWTH. 

 There are some times when growth is uncomfortable, messy and even scary; but in the end can be a beautiful thing. I remember there was a time in my life where I thought I wouldn't survive it. I was dealing with so much trauma that I couldn't see a way out of it all. I cried, screamed and even thought of ending it. Yes, I did not want to experience the pain of my trauma anymore and I thought of stopping the pain. I was in a very bad space ya'll. I didn't feel comfortable talking to friends about what I was going through. I was too ashamed to tell my family. I just sat with these thoughts in my head, making it worse for myself.  

 I had a serious breaking point and realized that I needed to make some changes. I took the necessary time off to find myself. I got into therapy to deal with my trauma. I sought out those close to me and tell them what I was going through. Rediscovering Ty, and what made me happy again. It was a long uncomfortable road, but I got over the hump. 

 Fast forward years later, I'm in a better space mentally. No longer allow disruptive thoughts to invade my mind. I'm still in therapy, and although things aren't where I would like them to be I've realized the uncomfortable growth that I had to experience. Growth is something we all do. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it isn't. The key is to understand that it is a necessary thing we all have to go through. If it's hard at that moment, it won't be hard forever. That's when you know you've grown. 



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