The Relaunch...

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We're backkkkkkk!!! We've been gone for a min, but we're back like a shiny new penny. Although you loved the Just b. Her brand (as we did as well) , we wanted to change things up a bit. Tahylor Made is here and we're so happy to show off the new products and the new website. 

What's our message?

Tahylor Made is an apparel statement t-shirt brand with lifestyle accessories inspired by conversations of the culture. Our goal is to create relevant dialogue to reflect our shared experiences. Our bold messages are Tahylor Made to give a unique voice without saying a word. 
We're so excited to show you what we've been working on. We will slowly add new and different products  that we know you will love.
Thank you for loving Just b. Her, but Welcome to Tahylor Made. 

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