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 Ty Taylor  

Ty Taylor is a the owner and designer of Tahylor Made. She originally hails from the beautiful islands of St.Thomas, Virgin Islands and resides in Atlanta,GA for over 17 years.  In 2004 Ty graduated with a Business Administration degree with the aspirations to one day being an entrepreneur. Ty's first business was purely accidental. In 2008- 2015 Ty started a relationship blog that was just something to pass the time. The blog quickly grew into a popular urban relationship blog where she gained the opportunities to write for many national and independent  magazines. She also co-hosted an online radio show centered around her interesting relationship topics. Ty has also had her own wig company and currently has a Youtube channel. 

When Ty decided to start a t-shirt line, she wanted it to mean something to not only herself but to others. Ty noticed the lack of positivity when it came to women of color. How they're overlooked simply because of how they look. Ty wanted to create a dope atmosphere for people to express themselves without saying it. On July 14, 2017 Just b. Her was born. Just b. Her highlights positive quotes and pop culture references with women in mind. Our tag line b dope, b. fly, b. you...Just b. allows you to be whoever you want to be without being ashamed of HER


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